Rabia Garib Rabia Garib

Rabia Garib


Co-Founder & CEO, Rasala Publications
Editor-in Chief, CIO Pakistan

Rabia Garib is the CEO and co-founder of Rasala Publications where her responsibilities include business strategies, content development, training and design. Her passion for information technology, education and technology trade journalism are profound and are categories that will change the face of the world as we know it today. Based on her experience in technology trade media and convergence of different media platforms since 1998, she was selected as an Eisenhower Fellow, to represent Pakistan in the 2-month Multi Nation Program amongst 24 other countries, and specialized in the field of technology Trade Journalism and New Media. She is the Editor-in Chief of a local edition of the world’s largest technology business leadership magazine brand, CIO and more recently, heading up one of the world’s largest technology consumer magazines, PC World Pakistan.

Sana Saleem


Sana Saleem is a featured editor at BEE magazine and blogs at Global Voices, Dawn Blog and her personal blog Mystified Justice as well as at Asian Correspondent and The Guardian. Sana Saleem is also the Co-founder of Gawaahi.com at http://gawaahi.com, Paki

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