Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for submissions?

Although applications are coming in already, we have targeted end August for the first batch of applications to come in.

The Oversight Committee will start assessing the ones that have come in and may decide to call in some of the applicants for detailed presentations between now and August.

What is the amount of funding that each applicant will receive?

The funding will depend on the scope of the idea and how much is required for its development and delivery. It could be as little as Rs. 50,000 or as much as Rs. 850,000.

Can a more detailed document be sent in explaining the idea in more depth?

At this stage we only want the basic questions answered. If your idea has merit and spark, you will be called in for a detailed presentation and interview.

Who will own the project/product? Is it going to be a partnership with P@SHA or Google? If, yes, then what percentage?

The applicant or his/her team will own the project/product completely. P@SHA will not have any stake in it. Google has provided the seed fund and is neither managing the process nor expecting a stake.

Will there be an NDA signed between both parties before submission of the idea?

There will be no NDA signed. The Oversight Committee and Advisory Board comprise of people who have proven their credibility and integrity over the years and can be trusted to maintain confidentiality.

Remember, however, that everyone has a zillion ideas a day. It is the execution that is the differentiator. So never be afraid to share an idea.

Do you need to have an office and a team in place in order to qualify for the funding?

No you do not. However, it would be useful for you to be able to identify how many people you need to implement the project or develop the product, and with what skillsets. Do these people exist in your circle of friends or peers? Try and involve them in the early days so that when you come in for a detailed presentation, you are clear about who will implement the idea.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes you can but it would be best to think through the idea clearly and determine whether it is in fact viable and will have social impact before you submit it. Of the ideas submitted, only one idea per candidate will be funded at one time. Don’t bombard us with half-baked ideas otherwise there is a chance that a brilliant idea might be buried and lost underneath the large number of submissions you make.

Do I have to be a resident of Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad?

You have to be from any part of Pakistan – any town, village, city, district or tehsil. However, the one condition to qualify for the funding is that you must be living in Pakistan and will, to begin with, implement your idea in this country.

Do I have to be a technologist or software engineer to qualify for funding?

There is no such requirement. The only requirement is that you and your team must be able to prove that you have the capability to deliver on the idea.

Other than the funding, what other benefits will there be for applicants?

More than the funding, the benefits include:

  • Access to mentors who will work with you on budgets, timelines and feasibilities as well as the sustainability of your project.
  • There will be Guru talks where entrepreneurs will share their struggles and what they learnt that has helped them in life.
  • Training on putting together a Business Plan, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills and Team Building as well as how you can register a company.
  • Showcasing of your project ideas as they near completion.
  • Networking opportunities


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