The Program The Program

1. Come up with an idea

If you are a person who is aware and concerned about his/her surroundings and the social issues that the people in your society, your community or your city are facing, and you are a person with ideas, you will already have dreamed about solutions that you can come up with to alleviate the problem. You could have even have experimented with something but may not have had the time or the money to take it further.

If your idea is innovative and uses technology either as a development platform or as a platform for delivery – and actually addresses a specific social need, then we are interested in you and would like to help you.

2. Tell us about your idea

Submit your idea but before you do so, think it through. The questions in our form will help you to answer some of the questions that we need answered before we can decide to fund your idea.

3. Oversight Committee of Jurors

All ideas that are received by us will be examined by a team or jurors who are experienced entrepreneurs and have a strong background in technology but have also worked in the social space. The shortlisted candidates will be asked to present their ideas to the panel for further scrutiny. Announcement of winners will be made via the website and by email.

4. Mentoring

Selected individuals and organizations will be connected with mentors who will thrash out their idea with them and offer them guidance on the development of their strategy and their product or service, and work out a budget and timeline for the project before the funding is made available. The idea is to make every attempt to ensure that all ideas that are selected have the best chance of success.

5. Guru Talks

Apart from the resources that are already available on our website, and which we will continue to add to, we will be holding a series of Guru Talks across the country to ensure that you benefit from some of the experience and the ideas that have already been developed by other people in the country.

6. Show and Tell

Once your product or service is at a stage where it can be showcased, we will organize an activity to present it in front of potential users or customers and media who would help with Outreach. We have a team of Outreach Gurus on our side who will use both mainstream and social media to talk about your solution and its impact.


Identify the social problem you’re going to solve?

Your idea can be a solution to a problem that exists or something that you feel will add value to the community in which you live.

Push the boundaries. Don’t restrict yourself to existing ways of doing things. Come up with new models for solving social problems.

The role of technology

Technology must be an aspect of the solution. The solution can be mobile or web based software that addresses a problem or

Service or Solution or a new model using technology as a platform for delivery.

Essential requirements

  • A unique and innovative solution to a problem or a social value add.
  • Must be user-centric
  • Extension of technology to reach a wider audience.
  • Cost-effective, easy-to-use and effective
  • Something that can be scaled and replicated elsewhere
  • Sustainable once the grant money has been used up

Who qualifies

Age: It does not matter how old or young you are

Gender: Any gender

Educational Qualifications: It doesn’t take a degree to come up with a good idea or an innovative solution. The only requirement is that you and your team must be able to deliver on the idea.

Nationality: Pakistani based in Pakistan

Individuals or Companies – we would prefer early stage companies or individuals or teams to whom the funding amount would make a difference


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