Naveen Naqvi Naveen Naqvi

Naveen Naqvi


Naveen Naqvi is a broadcast, print, online journalist and an award-winning blogger. Recently, with the help of a micro grant from Pasha and others, she co-founded, a Pakistan-based website that aims to archive digital stories of abuse, survival and resistance, where she works as Editor-in-Chief. Until January 2010, she was a senior anchor at Pakistan’s first English language channel, DawnNews. During her stint there, she presented the morning news program, Breakfast at Dawn. Prior to that, she represented NBC News in the country as Producer Pakistan.

Rabia Garib


Co-Founder & CEO, Rasala Publications Editor-in Chief, CIO Pakistan Rabia Garib is the CEO and co-founder of Rasala Publications where her responsibilities include business strategies, content development, training and design. Her passion for inform

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