Mobile technology to combat counterfeit medicine

The counterfeit drug market worldwide is a grave threat to public health because the medicines sold are sub-standard resulting in a lot of deaths.

Through an investment from Acumen  Fund, Sproxil is combating the global counterfeit drug market through a Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA™) solution that enables consumers to verify the authenticity of pharmaceutical products.

Sproxil’s MPA solution allows customers to send a free text message containing a code found on a drug to Sproxil’s servers, which immediately respond and indicate whether the drug is genuine or fake. Sproxil has set up Africa’s first national mobile-based anti-counterfeit service in Nigeria, and Acumen Fund’s investment will enable the spielautomaten online company to expand into Kenya and India.

It is a simple solution. Customers get a scratch card with a one-time user code. To verify a product, they send the code via SMS to a 911 for fake drugs number. Sproxil either sends a response authenticating the drug or sends a hotline number for customers to call and report the drug if it is found to be fake.

The complete case study of this project is available here.



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